Keeping it Simple

Simplicity in design can be very effective, particularly when it comes to branding. Logos and visual identities need to stand the test of time, work at both large and small scales, have personality, and work across digital and physical mediums.…

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New Personal Logo and Website

I’m a designer, and as such I often rework my own branding and website. I enjoy what I do and sometimes need to get ideas out while I’m in between other projects. I’ve been meaning to update my own website…

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Business and Pleasure Do Mix

There’s an old saying to not “mix business with pleasure.” Sometimes, this can definitely be true. It would be unfortunate for one to ruin the other. But, I personally value people and relationships more than business. There are exceptions to…

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Bigger is Better

I recently completed my largest freelance project to-date for Lux Writes. She’s the best-of-the-best strategist and copywriter, hands down. Every project I do with her is better than the last and we’ve been doing this type of work together for…

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Anatomy of Type

Blast from the Past

I absolutely love typography. My great grandmother used to hand-typeset newspapers in the late 19th century. I even have one of her old metal moveable pieces of type. It really is incredible how far things have come. My father, though…

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