ECS Visual Branding Update

WordPress Website, Stationery, and Pocket Folder
ECS is a local IT company that's been in business for quite some time. I updated their branding several years back to target more local businesses. This year, they wanted to clean up their image to appeal more to midsize organizations and local government. We opted for a dark and bold main visual, and retained their blue and yellow colors. A new website was designed to be mobile friendly and load much faster than the previous website. We also incorporated lead generation forms to all of the Solutions web pages. New stationery, sales sheets, and a pocket folder accompany the branding refresh.
Patrick is singularly gifted when it comes to translating vision into elegant design. And, his ability to manage creative workflow makes him even more rare as a key player in digital ventures. He is a passionate team player and unbelievably efficient as an individual contributor.
Allan Cohen, Strategy Consultant