UX/UI Design and Front-end Development
MyFDA is a prototype developed for the 18F Agile Delivery Services RFQ.

I was asked to join the leadership team as UX Lean on a multidisciplinary, agile team of talented individuals from several NIC portals to participate in responding to the 18F Agile Delivery Services RFQ. The challenge was to create a prototype of a product to consume and display data from the the OpenFDA API. MyFDA provides the ability to view recall, adverse event, and drug interaction information for medications. These features of the prototype began as simple presentations and evolved into interactive visualizations. I lead the UX and UI effort creating wireframes, clickable prototypes, leading guerilla user tests, accessibility tests, ensuring responsive design, and participating in heuristic reviews. The prototype was built as a single page Ember.js application, and the backend was implemented using Java and Spring.

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Patrick brings passion, creativity and hard work to any project he is working on. Additionally, very few people in his industry have honed all of the skills that Patrick has managed to master. This guy can do it all.
Michael Kanner, Digital Media Consultant