Web Design

Hand-coded, valid HTML and CSS, combined with a focus on the users' experience, WordPress integration and solid search engine optimization techniques make for an effective and pleasant web design.

Whether you need a simple blog or image gallery, or something far more complex like eCommerce or a membership driven sales site, I have a solution for you. I have experience building a vast array of websites that are both diverse and unique, from corporate sites to artist portfolios.

I hand-code all of my designs ensuring accuracy and test each site across all major modern browsers and platforms. I focus on valid HTML and CSS, which search engines love, and a cohesive, pleasant user-centered experience. Web standards and accessibility, which ensure that the largest possible audience can view your website, are always kept in mind.

Web Design

Starting from an understanding of the goal of any web page, I begin by wireframing a design to ensure that the most usable and cohesive design is created. This is essentially the skeleton of the page before any actual graphics have been applied to it. Having a strong focus on user interface design, knowing when to stick to convention and when to break it, and being a very spatial individual helps me come up with clean, easy-to-use page designs that will delight users.

Valid HMTL & CSS

Once I have a wireframe design and graphics to go with it, I begin to hand code my pages using HTML and CSS. These development techniques are considered to be the best practices for web designers all over the world. By hand coding everything I do I help ensure valid markup, which is great for search engine optimization. It also helps me see how everything flows together and allows me to improve the page structure, rather than depending on code generated by a web program like so many others.

Mobile Ready

Throughout the process, I test the design and the code to ensure it works on any device, also know as responsive web design. This includes large desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. The benefit of responsive web design is that you only have to build and maintain one website for all of these devices and do not need to have a separate mobile website. This means that your website is accessible and optimized for the largest possible audience, and you get to market to potential customers or partners conveniently, no matter how they visit your website.


Once I hand code my web designs, I analyze them for search engine optimization. Keeping the code clean and valid is one of the most important aspects of web development. By utilizing WordPress, I am easily able to incorporate many other simple techniques that aide in search engine friendliness. I provide well thought out page structure, information architecture, and content hierarchy, page URLs and titles that are descriptive and easy to follow.  My clients always have a search engine friendly site right out of the box.


Patrick is singularly gifted when it comes to translating vision into elegant design. And, his ability to manage creative workflow makes him even more rare as a key player in digital ventures. He is a passionate team player and unbelievably efficient as an individual contributor.
Allan Cohen, Strategy Consultant