WordPress, the world's largest and most popular publishing platform, is what I choose to power most of the websites I build. Everything from image galleries to eCommerce can run on WordPress.

WordPress is my publishing platform of choice. It puts content management in my clients’ hands.  It is an open-source project with an army of developers constantly working to improve and evolve it. Another benefit of utilizing WordPress is the availability of free and premium third-party plugins that add extra functionality without the associated costs or lengthy development time of custom programming. Need an image gallery? Easy! With a few clicks, and a bit of time structuring it to your needs, you have control over a beautiful gallery. Plugins are available for nearly any type of functionality you can imagine.

Custom Theme Development

I can create custom WordPress themes that match any functionality or goal. Utilizing a pre-designed theme isn’t always the best idea. By trying to fit your goals and requirements into a pre-existing structure you are limiting yourself to convention. And who want to use the same theme as hundreds of other website out there? I sure wouldn’t. Uniqueness is important in the web design world. Once we have decided the goals of your site’s users and the goals of your stakeholders, I can custom design and code a WordPress theme to match you and your users’ needs.

Hand-Coded Themes

So you have a site that you would like converted to WordPress? No problem! I can take any pre-existing site or design and code it into a WordPress theme in no time. I will also make recommendations to help optimize and enhance your site’s design in the process. If you are a developer who needs a strong designer for WordPress, or a designer who doesn’t quite get the whole ‘code’ thing, feel free to contact me for an estimate on work performed for those in the trade.

Patrick is one of the most creative guys I have had the opportunity to work with. He seems to have an endless pool of ideas that are fun and fresh. Besides his talent, Patrick is also a good guy to work with. He is an asset to any person or company that decides to do business with him.
Brian Tercero, The Very Best of Santa Fe